African Americans in the Revolutionary war gsk1

IntroductionThousands of African Americans fought with the British in the Revolutionary war. Many of them were escaped slaves. Lord Dunmore offered to let the slaves be free and 800 of them joined his black only regiment. They carried out lumbering duties which freed other slaves for duty. Read on to learn more about African Americans role in the Revolutionary war.

Which side were the Africans on

The patriots were victorious in the American Revolution choosing side was pretty easy picking which side the American colonists wanted to be on. The great majority was loyalists. For black people what most mattered to them was freedom. As the Revolutionary war went on through the regions those in bondage went on the side that promised them personal liberty. The British recruited slaves belonging to the masters of the patriots as a consequence more Africans fought for the crown. Around 100000 Africans died, escaped or were killed during the American Revolution.

A job that the Africans did
A job that the Africans did was a sailor. Prior to the war a lot of blacks were already sailors. Having served in the British navy and in the colonies’ state navies, as well on the merchant vessels in the north and south. It was good to have Africans work as a sailor for you because they had a lot of experience. The dressed like when they were in the British navy. Rather when they worked with a privateer.

Lord Dunmore and the Africans
The Governor of Virginia Lord Dunmore, on the other hand, sought to disrupt the American cause by promising freedom to slaves owned by Patriot masters who would join the loyalist’s forces. Runaway slaves belonged to the loyalists came back to their masters. Dunmore officially issued his proclamation in 1775, and within a month 300 black men joined his regiment. No more than 800 black men eventually succeeded in joining Governor Dunmore’s regiment, but his proclamation inspired thousands of runaway blacks to follow behind the British throughout the war.