My class studied about the Revolutionary War. I picked a topic to write an essay about. I choose the winter at Valley Forge. Because I had never heard of this topic and I thought it would be interesting to learn about since I know a lot about other topics in the American Revolution.

Who Was Involved?
General George Washington was leading an army of about 12,000 soldiers.Prussian military adviser Frederick von Steuben kept the soldiers busy with drills and training in modern military strategy. Lord Cornwallis fought a battle against the 12,000 soldiers. And Great Brittan had 360,000 soldiers.

Why Were They There?

After losing two battles in a row, George Washington and his men had to retreat to Valley Forge for their own safety from the British. Valley Forge was only 20 miles away from Pittsburg so just in case the British attacked Pittsburg they could try and fight them off. But lucky for them the British didn’t attack Pittsburg, but if they had they would probably had lost.

There were three battles involved in Valley Forge. None of them had names but the reason they had to retreat to Valley Forge was because they had lost two battles in a row and couldn’t afford to lose another one. Nine days after they left Valley Forge Lord Cornwallis and his army fought a battle against George Washington and his army.


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